Small Business IT Services

We understand the small business game. You want to grow your business and provide the best service/products that you can but you don't have the large budgets of corporations. We get that and will work with you to create a customized plan that works best for your business and what you do. You have a lot on your plate as a small business owner and trying to figure out the best tech decisons for your business while also worrying about computer downtime is not something you should have to be stressing over. Let us partner with you to be your tech department and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Small businesses are no longer able to brush aside security measure and think that the cyber criminals will not think about them. That mindset will just ensure your business eventually faces a breach in security through a type of virus such as ransomware. In fact, one in five small-medium businesses report that they have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Not surprisingly, businesses who do not outsource their IT services report facing more ransomware attacks. Sadly though, 45% of small-medium businesses that were a victim of a ransomware attack report facing downtime that came close to forcing them to close down their business. When a virus gets on your network it has about a 33% chance of spreading to other computers. When this happens it will encrypt all of your files and prevent you from reading any of the contents. If you lost all of the data on all of the computers in your business how would that affect your business?

IT Support tailored to your business

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24/7 Monitoring

Constant network and computer monitoring to enable rapid response to issues

Cloud & Onsite Backups

The backups your business needs to be able to recover from a disaster

Managed Firewall

Ensuring your business has a strong first line of defense.


Working as part of your team to ensure we provide the best service we can for your business and unique situation.