What is Managed IT?

Technology use in businesses is increasing at a rapid rate. In the past, you could still operate your business at reduced efficiency during computer/network downtime. With the increasing demand for technology, businesses can no longer be productive while facing a network/computer outage. The cost of a computer system being down during business hours is increasing every year leaving businesses to look for proactive solutions to protect themselves.

Managed IT does just that, rather than waiting for something to break before fixing it (commonly called break/fix), we work proactively to prevent things from breaking in the first place, all for one low monthly rate.

Stop worrying about IT problems and get back to growing your business. Let us take over your IT needs for a flat monthly rate and help you use technology to reach your business' goals.

Components of Managed IT Services

Providing the features and services your business needs to keep your systems performing their best while remaining secured

24/7 Monitoring

Constant network and computer monitoring to enable rapid response to issues

Remote Help Desk

Remote services to ensure problems are resolved as quick as possible

Cloud & Onsite Backups

The backups your business needs to be able to recover from a disaster

Regular Maintenance

Ensuring the physical hardware and software are kept in optimal condition and updated.

Onsite Support

Working to resolve the more advanced issues

Managed Firewall

Ensuring your business has a strong first line of defense.


Working as part of your team to ensure we provide the best service we can for your business and unique situation.

Vendor Management

Working with the tech vendors for you so you can focus on running your business

Cloud Service Management

Allowing you to easily work from home or even move your physical infrastructure to the cloud.

VoIP Phone Service

Cloud based phone service with the features you need while allowing you greater flexibility in making and receiving calls.

Mobile Device Management

Ensuring company owned devices have the security they need to protect your data.

Documentation Portal

Stay informed with what is going on in your business with a documentation portal with relevant information about your network.

What are the benefits?

Minimize Downtime

Downtime can cost you a lot more than you think when you factor in the loss of productivity/sales and the extra work required to catch up. With Managed IT you no longer have to waste time trying to fix technology issues or waiting on your computer guy to show up.

Reduce IT Expenses

We help assess your current technology to try to find ways to reduce your expenditures while giving you a monthly cost you can budget for. We also provide various technology professionals that can help support your current IT department, handle your big projects, or even become your dedicated IT team.

Improved Security

Improving the security of your network to prevent malicious attacks to steal your data or bring down your systems. We can also work to ensure you are compliant with industry regulations.

Peace of Mind

Allows you to focus on your business and what you need to rather than worrying about a potential technology issue

Increased Efficiency

Better technology and planning can help your business become more efficient and productive while reducing lost time while waiting on slow computers.

Enterprise Support

Providing enterprise class support no matter the size of your business.