Backup & Recovery

Are you prepared for a disaster?

Your business has one asset that is that is more important than any other, your data. Your data shows everything about you and your customers. If you end up losing this prized possession, your business will suffer and may not survive.
As businesses are becoming more reliant on technology to operate in the most efficient manner, the fear of losing data becomes more significant. Imagine if you lost all of your files, emails, passwords, client information, financial records and more. Not even thinking about all of the work you have lost, how much will the downtime while the problem is fixed cost your business and how much frustration will that cause for your customers and employees.
Many businesses think their current backup strategy is sufficient and would protect them in a disaster. Unfortunately, many of the common viruses out today attack your backups while they are searching your network and will delete or encrypt all of your backed up data.
Even if your backups are safe, how long will it take you to restore everything and get back to business as normal? For many business’ the recovery time can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

Our Backup & Recovery Service

What we do:

Why we do it:

• Regular backup verification checks by an actual human

• Ransomware protection on all backups


• Advanced security measures on your stored backups


• Ensures your backups are actually happening and are usable in the event of a catastrophe.

• Viruses now attacks your backups to ensure you can’t recover your data without paying their demands, unless you are adequately protected.

• Your data is safely backed up and secured by industry leading technology to ensure your business and reputation are safe.

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